One of the things I’ve consciously put more attention on is my mindset. I’ve talked about this a few times on the blog, and it’s something I’m continuing to strengthen through education and experience. Why? Because it’s powerful! I know how cheesy that sounds, but I truly believe that we have the power to control our happiness, successes, and our failures — and it starts with our mindset. Yes, there will of course be things that are out of our control, but it’s how we strengthen our mindset to respond to these situations that will help us move forward.

Part of strengthening your mindset involves having a clear vision of your values, your goals and what happiness looks like to you. Writing these out affirms what you are working towards and putting them in a high traffic area means you are constantly reminded of your “why” — what you’re focused on achieving, the big picture, you know what I mean😉.

I swear this stuff works! When I started my business, I wrote down my business purpose and the monthly amount I wanted to make within 90 days. I put it on the fridge so I’d walk by it multiple times a day. And guess what, I hit that goal and then some. That’s why I recently created another vision board for 2018 and hung it in my office as a constant reminder of what I want this year to look like.

How to Create a Vision Board

Here are a few tips to help you create a vision board and manifest your goals and dreams.

1. Set the Mood

Creating a vision board requires a lot of mental stimulation so you want to designate a space where you can focus and perform your best. Whether that means creating a vision board while sipping wine in the comfort of your pajamas (🙋‍♀️) or planning a vision board party with your best friends, it’s important to create an environment where you can envision your best self. 

2. Think About What You Want In Life By Asking/Answering the Following Questions:

  • What do I want my life to look like one year from now?
  • How will I get there?
  • What does happiness look like to me? 
  • What does success look like to me?
  • What does a day in my life look like one year from now? Be specific, think about what time you wake up, where you go to work (if you work), how you get there, who’s with you, etc.
  • What words or sayings motivate me? What are words I want to live be? What are my affirmations?

3. Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals helps hold you accountable for them. Goals are specific to YOU and they should align with your values. Whether you want to drink more water, read 10 books, own a home, or land your dream job, write it down so you know what it is you’re working towards.

4. Determine your “Why” 

A goal without a “Why” is just a sentence. With each goal, I want you to describe WHY you want to achieve it. You want to run marathon. Why? Example: To challenge my body physically and mentally — to become stronger in everything I do. You want to travel. Why? To experience different cultures, places, and people. Make sure you affirm why a specific goal is important to you. 

5. Representation

Now for the fun part! Find images, quotes, words, or symbols that represent your vision, dreams, and goals. Choose things that represent what you want your life to look like. It can be anything so don’t sell yourself short. Want a Lexus? Add it. Want to work with a fortune 500 company, put it on there. Manifest that positive energy.

My best advice, have fun with this and know that it can evolve with you 🙂 

Have you created a vision board? What are your tips or what is your process for creating it?

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