It’s been a while since I shared what my weekly workouts and meal prep look like, and I’ll admit, it’s changed a bit since working for myself. I have more flexibility to workout on my time and when it’s convenient for me (which I’m extremely grateful for). I also have more time to spend cooking dinners, and I don’t always have to plan what’s on the menu for breakfast, lunch and snacks since I can simply go in the fridge and grab what I want — this can be both a blessing and curse though. #SnackAttack

Still, I find it helpful when grocery shopping to plan ahead on what I want our meals to look like throughout the week so I know what to buy and don’t end up throwing away food that goes bad or unused. I also don’t like  wasting money on things I don’t need… like the Trader Joes new Cinnamon Churro Bites. Those didn’t stand a chance. Have you tried them? Do it. I mean don’t. But really just do it once, they are so good!

Organizing My Grocery List

While I haven’t been following the Tone It Up nutrition plan to a T, I still love their calendar to plan out our meals and help me organize my grocery list — I do this in Canva each week. It helps me plan out meals with similar ingredients so that again, we don’t buy a huge bag of parsley or sage for one meal (Yes, I have done this before, but how many meals can you really use sage in??).

What’s On The Menu?

This week on the menu we have Shrimp Tacos, Mango Salsa with Chicken & Brown Rice, Whole 30 Sloppy Joe Bowls from Physical Kitchness (I’ve been DYING to try these), and Chicken Taco Salad Bowls (essentially using all the leftover tortillas and salsa into a bowl😉).

Weekly Meals from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan


Do you plan out your meals of the week or go with the flow? If you do plan it out, what’s your process like? What are your go-to meals?

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