For the past few years I’ve been a member of 24 Hour Fitness. I’ve gone to their workout classes, used their machines, and simply got my workout done — no questions asked. Yes, I’ve sprinkled in a few workouts at local fitness studios around San Diego that I LOVED, but I never felt quite ready to sign up for a membership because there was usually only one class type offered such as spin or yoga and I wasn’t comfortable paying for a studio + a gym membership — especially when I was running so much. I was concerned about costs and worried that I wouldn’t be able to go as much as I’d like. I even tried (and really enjoyed) Class Passbut I didn’t like that I was limited to only 3* classes/month at certain studios (*I’m not sure if the rules have changed since then though).

Studio Lifted San Diego review

It wasn’t until I started working with Studio Lifted (formerly Ashley Lane Fitness) that I truly started to understand the unique benefits of joining a boutique fitness studio. I’ve known Ashley for a few years now and we started working together again when I launched my business.  I started regularly going to the studio about 3 days a week since July and the results are beyond what I could have hoped for.

The Workouts

One of the things that really stood out to me about the studio and that differentiates it from others is that there are multiple class types such as spin, barre, strength training, and even combination classes so you get a little bit of everything.

  • Revolution (Spin) – An intense spin workout with push ups, tap backs, lots of resistance and bursts of speed work in a black light party environment. It’s my go-to on Friday mornings to kickstart my day and my weekend.
  • Adrenaline (Interval Strength Training) – This class typically starts with a 10-minute warm up on a spin bike consisting of high intensity intervals of strength and speed followed by 10 minute stations working different muscle groups such as arms and back on the TRX bands, legs with weights in the center of the room, abs and arms at the pull up bar and rope, etc. I feel like a badass every time I take this class — though I also usually can’t walk/lift anything for a day or two later 🙂
  • Pulse (Strength Training/Repetitions) – Holy sh*t this class is no a joke. It involves simple, repetitive movements that really work your core and target muscle groups. There was one day where we did 10 minutes of leg raises, donkey kicks, side leg raises and then added in weights and I could barely get out of bed the next day. The movements are small but they BURN.
  • SculptCycle & BarreCycle – These are two of my favorite classes because you get a mix of strength/toning and cardio. They start with 25-27 minutes on the spin bike followed by 30 minutes in the studio room.
  • Yoga – I’ll be honest, I’ve only taken 1-2 yoga classes because the times don’t really work with my schedule, BUT everyone I’ve talked to says Gia’s Candlelight Yoga Class is magical and life changing so it’s on my list to try!

The Instructors

It’s hard to find a studio where the instructors take the time to know everyone’s name in the room before the class even starts. No matter who’s teaching, every class I’ve been to the instructors will go around the room and if there are new faces they’ll introduce themselves and make it a point to remember those people by name. It’s personal and it shows that they truly care about you, your workout, and your experience.

The Community

At most fitness studios or gyms, I walk in and out with as little conversation as possible. At Studio Lifted, I know the staff and instructors by name, I’ve had great conversations with other members, and it’s the incredible community that makes me want to arrive early or stay an extra 10 minutes after class catching up. They are the people that motivate me, inspire me, and make me feel happier & confident whenever I walk in & out of that door.

I wasn’t asked to write this post, nor was this a sponsored post. I truly feel that being a part of Studio Lifted has helped me gain a new strength physically and mentally. It’s kept me sane while managing the challenges of starting my own business and it’s become my “home away from home” — a place I look forward to going to (almost) every day (recovery days after Adrenaline are required😉).

If you’re in San Diego and want to try a class, your first class is always free! So grab a friend and sign up for a class here. I hope to see you at the studio so you can see for yourself.

What are your favorite workout studios in San Diego? What are your go-to classes?

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