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Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless Giveaway and Cookbook Review

One thing that I love about working for myself, is that I don’t feel as rushed to come home and get dinner on the table — which makes cooking a lot more fun! I love planning out our dinners and taking my time strolling through Trader Joe’s early Monday morning when the Sunday crowds have come and gone. It’s allowed me to slow down a bit and truly enjoy my time in the kitchen. Plus, it’s enabled me to be a little more creative in my approach to cooking as we regularly get to try new recipes.

Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless: 100 Surprising Vegetarian Meals Straight from the Oven

That’s why when Workman Publishing reached out to me about this new cookbook, Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless, I was instantly intrigued. While I love cooking, I hate dishes. Plus, since moving in with my boyfriend, I definitely cook and eat more meat than I used to and I’ve been trying to find ways to cut back.

Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless Cookbook

Benefits of Going Meatless

Going meatless, even just one day a week, has some incredible benefits:

  • Since breaking down animal proteins uses more of the body’s resources and energy, taking a break from meat can help improve the digestive system and give you more energy throughout the day
  • It may reduce the risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancercardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity
  • It can also help reduce our carbon footprint and save precious resources like fossil fuels and fresh water

My Favorite Meatless Recipes

A few of my favorite meatless recipes are Avocado Zoodles, Mexican Quinoa Bowls, Sweet Potatoes & Eggs, Pasta, Salads, Gnocchi, and the Tone It Up nutrition plan recipes (most of which are meatless). The Tone It Up program is actually what first inspired my interest in tray dinners!

Similarly, the Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless cookbook is an easy one-pan approach for meatless meals using three techniques — roasting, baking, and broiling — to intensify the flavors of the veggies. Plus, most of the recipes are super easy, convenient, and involve few dishes to clean (#winning).

A few of the recipes I’m most looking forward to making are this Spinach, Roasted Root “Petals,” Pistachios, and Honey Vinaigrette, the Smokey Eggplant & Provolone Pizza, and the Creamy Carrot Polenta with Winter Squash Ragu😍

Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless CookbookSheet Pan Suppers Meatless CookbookSheet Pan Suppers Meatless Cookbook

Excerpted from Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless by Raquel Pelzel (Workman Publishing). Copyright © 2017.

How to Enter the Giveaway

Drooling right? Luckily, I’m giving away a copy of the Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless cookbook + a Kate Spade oven mitt + a Sur La Table sheet pan on my Instagram! Follow me if you’re not already and enter the giveaway for the chance to win one of your own! Ends November 5th, 2017 at midnight.

Sheet Pan Suppers Meatless Cookbook

Do you practice meatless Mondays? What are your favorite meatless and/or sheet pan recipes?

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