Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I spent the weekend catching up with friends which left me feeling all the feels.  With everything going on in the world, it’s wonderful to know how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love and such a strong support system.

Fit Foodie 5k San Diego

We kicked things off this Saturday at the Fit Foodie 5k in Liberty Station which was an awesome, gorgeous race! I absolutely loved the new location and the organization. Plus how cute are these pineapple medals?!

Fit Foodie 5k San Diego

Then I met up with a few friends for dinner at one of my favorite pizza spots in San Diego, URBN — the Brussel Sprouts and Polpetta con Provolone Pizza are a MUST!

Sunday was spent at Costco (bought some Bitchn Sauce — Thanks for the healthy Costco recs Diana!), watching football, relaxing on the bay, grocery shopping, working out, and getting ready for the week (typical😉). As the Tone It Up girls say, “a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

That’s why I also spent some time on Sunday mapping out my workouts. Lately, I’ve been all about Sculpt and Cycle classes — I think I needed a little break from running after all the halfs this year so it’s been fun mixing things up. Anyone else ever feel that way?

Plus, if you haven’t tried a sculpt class, I highly recommend it as their are some awesome benefits including:

  1. Total body toning
  2. Increased metabolic rate
  3. Increase and maintains bone density and lean muscle mass
  4. Increased flexibility, strength and self esteem.
  5. You feel like a badass (*not scientifically proven but trust me when I say it’s true😉)


  • MondayButts & Guts + 2 Miles
  • Tuesday: 3 Miles + Yoga
  • WednesdaySculptCycle
  • Thursday: 20 Minute Walk + Stretch
  • FridayPartyCycle
  • Saturday:  5 Miles
  • Sunday: SculptCycle
  • Total Miles: 10
  • Fall Challenge Total Miles: 15

What are you looking forward to this week? How do you like spending your Sundays?

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