You guys, I’ve got some bad news… I think I ramped up my mileage too quickly and now I’m paying for it. I started having some issues in my lower left calf on my last 10 miler where I had this dull, achey pain and I just pushed through because it wasn’t terrible, just annoying. I felt the same thing at last week’s 5k and decided to ice and rest most of the week just doing low impact workouts like yoga, arm exercises, and the elliptical. I still have about 3 weeks till the race so I figured I shouldn’t push it. 

Namaste and Rose Event at Voltaire Beach House San Diego

Namaste & Rose Yoga Event at Voltaire Beach House

Unfortunately, I tried going on an easy 3 mile run Friday and the nagging ache spread to my outer knee… I can’t tell if it’s from overuse or if I need a new pair of running shoes or inserts (maybe it’s both?). I love my running shoes — or at least the look of them, but this new version of the Saucony Guides is a bit heavier than previous ones. I need a stability shoe since I pronate my feet, but maybe these are just too heavy. It could also be time for another gait analysis since my last one was two years ago! If anyone has any advice, I’m all ears!

So this week my goal is to focus on other workouts that can help me build up some strength while not over exerting my runs. After each workout, I’m going make an effort to stretch, ice, and foam roll to help my muscles recover. 


  • Monday: BarreCycle at Ashley Lane Fitness
  • Tuesday: Yoga + 2 Mile Easy Run/Walk
  • Wednesday: Yoga + REST
  •  Thursday: PartyCycle at Ashley Lane Fitness
  • Friday: 2-3 Mile Run + Stretch
  • Saturday: Hike + Arms & Abs
  • Sunday: 8 Mile Run

Diet Update

I’m also still working on cleaning up my diet for this race specifically after watching Fed Up & What the Health. Last week I reduced my sugar and carb intake Monday-Wednesday (then the cravings HIT HARD) — I’m talking full pint of Halo Top Birthday Cake😳. Let’s just say my stomach did not feel too great after that…

But I noticed that on days where I had eggs + veggies for breakfast, I was less likely to crave sugar than on days where I had oatmeal and a banana. Again, I’m not super strict on this (I did have my favorite sandwich Thursday and a burger with a bun on Friday) — but I think I am going to try and make a conscious effort to be aware of my sugar intake and reduce the amount of refined carbs I consume moving forward (this Thai Chicken Salad was a much better decision 😉 ). More updates to come!

Goodonya Thai Chicken Salad in Cardiff

Do you have any running shoe recommendations for stability? Any tips on how to recover or what I could be feeling in my leg?

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  1. Oh no I’m so sorry to hear about your calf. That honestly sounds like the exact same thing that happened to me. Take it easy, foam roll/ice multiple times per day and whatever you do don’t force yourself to run through pain and make things worse.

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