This past week’s training went WAY better than the week prior. I got my butt kicked in a few strength sessions at Ashley Lane Fitness, tried a new (HARD) yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness in Point Loma, and conquered 2 easy runs and one 8.5 mile long run. The biggest difference: getting up and starting my long run by 6:30AM — it was *only 68F which was much more manageable to push through😉

America's Finest City Training Run

But let’s be real, the one thing on my mind throughout the entire run was breakfast🥓 During the last mile, I literally started naming potential breakfast foods I was excited about for each street leading home… (ie: Everets = Eggs, Fanuel = French Toast, Ingraham = Iced Coffee!). I finally made it and celebrated with this Blueberry Mimosa from Parkhouse Eatery in North Park.

As a mentioned in my initial training plan, I’m also trying to work more on my nutrition (I know how ironic it is mentioning a mimosa and then nutrition right after each other — but hey, BALANCE 🙂 ). So one of my favorite meals last week that I just had to share was this Brussel Sprout Couscous Salad with a Hummus Dressing.

This week I’m really excited for some more strength training, another hot yoga class, and our family 5k on Sunday. We’re doing the San Diego Blood Bank 5k in Little Italy, anyone else running it?

Anyways, since I don’t want to be too sore for the race, I’m planning on doing my long run Friday morning so I can rest up Saturday and get back at it on Sunday.


  • Monday: BarreCycle at Ashley Lane Fitness + 30 Minute Walk
  • Tuesday: 3 Miles (Pyramid run with intervals of 10:00 per Mile and 8:30 per Mile)
  • Wednesday: 5 Miles (Easy Pace)
  •  Thursday: Heated Yoga at Ashley Lane Fitness
  • Friday: 10 Mile Run (Cut back run starting at 10 per Mile to 8:30 per Mile)
  • Saturday: REST
  • Sunday: San Diego Blood Bank 5k

What workouts do you have planned this week?

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