After an amazing weekend with my family and a few too many not so Tone It Approved indulgences (but worth it), I am more than ready to get back on track! Since I’ve got a crazy busy work week ahead, I’ve decided to keep this post short & simple 🙂 

Metro City Restaurant San Jose California

Yes, that’s French Toast and those are Oreo Pancakes…My sister and I split😉 Worth every bite.

DNP Restaurant San Diego CA

Date Night at DNP — our favorite! 

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company with the Family!

Bikini Series Meal Plan Week 3

I’m all about smoothies lately so I’m trying to mix it up with a few different combos this week like the Pineapple and Berry Cauliflower recipes. I’m also trying out some new TIU lunches like their Chopped Greek Salad (pictured below) and the Buddha Bowl! Another lunch I’m really excited about is putting a twist on my Cashew Chicken Salad recipe by adding it to a lettuce (bikini) wrap!

Tone It Up Chopped Greek Salad

Tone It Up Bikini Series Week 3 Meals

My goal this week is to get in all of my booty calls and stick to the nutrition plan. Since I’ll be at Tacotopia in San Diego this weekend which is obviously an eating centered event, I’m going to do my best to limit my intake and take small bites instead of eating the whole taco from each of the amazing vendors. Baby steps 🙂


  • Monday: 5 Toning Moves + Sandy Sweat HIIT + 30 Minutes Cardio (Run)
  • Tuesday: NEW Sunshine Sculpt Routine + 30 Minutes Cardio (Elliptical)
  • Wednesday: Toned Arms & Abs(Beach Babe 5) + 20 Minutes Cardio (Run)
  • Thursday: 5 Toning Moves + HiiT The Beach 3 (Beach Babe 5) 
  • Friday: 30 Minutes Cardio (Run) + Total Babe Workout (Beach Babe 5) 
  • Saturday: Live Workout @ 9AM + 5 Toning Moves
  • Sunday: 9 Mile Run + 5 Toning Moves

How do you stay on track (for the most part) when going to a food festival? What are you looking forward to this week?

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