It’s that time of year again — the Tone It Up Bikini Series is here! I first tried the Bikini Series about 3 years ago, and I didn’t take it seriously enough to be totally honest. Per usual, I did great with the workouts but not so great with the meal plans. That’s why I decided to go all in back in January and finally invest in the Nutrition Plan for the Tone It Up Look for Love Challenge


While I do believe you can find healthy recipe options online, I personally love these plans, all of the new recipes, and the “Members Only” emails. It helps me better understand how certain foods affect your body at different times of day and how to properly fuel all day long so you don’t hit an afternoon slump. I also just love how motivating and inspiring Karena & Katrina are — I had a total fangirl moment when they “commented” on my Instagram photo & retweeted my tweet (as a social media manager, I know they most likely had someone helping with this but still, it felt awesome!)

Bikini Series Meal Plan Week 1

The new Bikini Series Nutrition Plan is filled with tons of new “fruity”, summer-themed recipes. They also made it super easy to customize everything which is perfect because that’s what I’ve been doing weekly anyways. For the members, they are sending out weekly meal plans on Thursdays so if you really don’t want to think, you don’t have to 🙂 I like having both options so it forces me to try new things off the guide and not just stuff my face with Almond Cookie Butter Smoothies….

Tone It Up Bikini Series 2017 Week 1

I have a lot of weeknight plans this week including a Taco Tuesday work event, a college job fair for work, a blogger’s meet up, and a restaurant review at Pueblo in Pacific Beach. That’s a lot of events for Week 1 of the Bikini Series! That’s why I tried to take all of these things into consideration when making my meal plan. I looked at the restaurant menu ahead of time trying to find the cleanest option, I am planning on bringing TIU approved guacamole and some personal lettuce wraps + kombucha to the work party, and I’ll be meal prepping for late work nights/meet ups.

What I Hope to Achieve 

One of my overarching goals for this challenge is to walk/run 10k steps/day. I’ve had my Fitbit for months and I average about 8K/day, but I know I can find ways to move rather than just sitting at my desk. So, whether it means walking after work, at lunch, after dinner or squeezing in some extra runs, I’m going to hit those 10K steps! Also, since my biggest detractors are dessert and the weekends, my other goal is to resist after dinner cravings by listening to my body, and if/when I do eat out on the weekends, try to make a conscious effort to make healthy, TIU approved choices. Fingers crossed that by walking/running more and improving my diet, I’ll be able to PR at the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego half marathon in 6 weeks!


  • Monday: 5 Toning Arm Moves + 20 Minute Walk/Jog + Stretch
  • Tuesday: 5 Daily Moves + NEW TIU Sandy Sweat HiiT Workout
  • Wednesday: TIU Absolutely Bootyfull + 30 Minutes Cardio
  • Thursday: 5 Toning Moves + Total Body Workout
  • Friday: Yoga + 20 Minute Walk/Job 
  • Saturday: 30 Minutes Cardio + TIU BB5 Arms & Abs
  • Sunday: 5 Mile Run + Half Marathon

Are you doing the Bikini Series? What do you hope to get out of new health/fitness challenges and how do you stay motivated?

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