Hey everyone! I’m still here and still running (and yes I survived the #weddingweekend!). Since it’s been a few weeks since my last training update, I thought I’d share my workouts for this week along with my training plan for the next few weeks leading up to the La Jolla Half Marathon. (Hint: It includes hills😉 )

La Jolla Half Marathon Training Run

Hill Training

I’ll be honest, my hill training has been totally lacking for this race. I keep wanting to go run Torrey Pines to get a feel for the course, but I get lazy and decide to just run around the beach — and the bay bridges just aren’t really even a slight hill when compared to the giant Torrey Pines Mountain that people literally hike… SO, this weekend I WILL run Torrey Pines because I only have about 3 weeks left to train and I’ve got to make it count! Luckily, the weekend before the race I’ll be visiting San Francisco so I’m hoping to squeeze in a few short but hilly sprints then –> nothing like procrastination leading up to a race.

Training Runs

I perform best when I let my body rest and add in some strength training so I don’t want to overdo it right before the race by running more than I need to. I’ve already run up to 11 miles so I should be fine to cover the distance, I just want to make sure I can handle the hills. That’s where interval runs, hill training, and strength workouts will come in extra handy these last few weeks.

  • April 3-9: 1 “easy run” around 3-4 miles + 1 Interval/Hill Run for 4-5 Miles + 1 Long Run for 12 miles
  • April 10-16: 1 “easy run” 4 miles + 1 Interval/Hill Run for 5 Miles + 1 Long Run for 8 miles (Descending Run)
  • April 17-23: Taper Week – 2 “easy runs” around 2-3 miles + Race Day!

Meal Plan

Leading up to a race, one of the biggest things that can impact performance is nutrition! That’s why I’m challenging myself to start the Tone It Up Bikini Series a little earlier (they haven’t announced the start date yet) to properly fuel my body for this race. Their nutrition plan includes all kinds of lean, clean, and green foods + healthy carbs so it’s the perfect kick start I need for peak performance. I made their Coconut Chica Smoothie today and OMG it’s delicious and kept me full for 3-4 hours which never happens.

Tone It Up Coconut Chica Smoothie

I’m also really looking forward to having one of my favorite recipes from the blog this week, my Nectarine Caprese (no cheese). It’s the perfect snack!

Tone It Up Bikini Series Week 1


  • Monday: 5 Daily Moves + 30 Minutes Cardio + Abs
  • Tuesday: 5 Daily Moves + HiiT & Legs
  • Wednesday: 5 Daily Moves + 4 Mile Descending Run + Arms
  • Thursday: 5 Daily Moves + HiiT
  • Friday: 5 Daily Moves + Total Body + 3 Mile Easy Run
  • Saturday: 5 Daily Moves + Booty
  • Sunday: 5 Daily Moves + 12 Mile Hill Run + Foam Roll

How often do you run leading up to a race? What tips do you have for hill training?

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