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Last weekend the roomie and I had an awesome, fun-filled, foodie weekend complete with burgers, beer, wine, and homemade ice cream sandwiches. Yes, it was perfect. What made it extra special though was that we also had the opportunity to experience one of Bite San Diego’s food walking tours at the new Liberty Station Public Market

Liberty Station Public Market

Tour Details

My boyfriend had recently gone on the Downtown San Diego tour so he gave us the recommendation of eating a little bit before you go. Since our tour started at 2PM, we decided to stop by one of the restaurants (Cecillia’s Taqueria) in the market for some ceviche to snack on. It was super fresh and big enough for 3-4 people to share. 

Ceviche from Cecilia's Taqueria in Liberty Station Public Market

Point Loma Tea

At 2PM we headed over to Point Loma Tea where our guide John introduced himself and took us to our first stop. To be honest, this was probably my least favorite stop on the tour because the samples were things they regularly serve people who come into the store. They included Two Tea Tasters (one iced and one hot) and a small Scone Cookie with a teaspoon of jam.

Bite San Diego review of Liberty Station Public Market


Our next stop was Stuffed! in the new Liberty Public Market. I had been wanting to try this place since I first saw it because their burgers are either stuffed with cheese or topped with mac & cheese! Our group spread out to find any open seats since the market is a bit of a zoo and our guide John found each of us and handed us our Mini Sliders to enjoy. It was delicious and definitely made me want to go back.

Bite San Diego review of Liberty Station Public Market

Venissimo Cheese

The third stop was Venissimo Cheese which serves cheese from countries all over the world. We tried Three Different Cheese Samples — but similar to the tea stop, you can try these samples any time you want.

Venissimo Cheese at Liberty Station Public Market

Fully Loaded Juice

The fourth stop was Fully Loaded Juice which came with Three Tasters of their different juice or milks. The juices were all fresh and made with seasonal ingredients. My favorite was the orange colored one which tasted like a Hawaiian vacation 🙂

Fully Loaded Juice samples at Liberty Station Public Market

Slaters 50/50

The fifth stop was Slaters 50/50 which I’ve been to numerous times. While they are known for their famous 50/50 patty made with bacon and meat, they actually gave us a few samples from their appetizer menu including a Fried Mac & Cheese Ball, a Chicken Wing, and some Brussel Sprouts. If you wanted to get a drink on the tour, this was the place to do it. Liz and I were just so hot so we opted for a few glasses of water instead.

Slater's 50/50 wings and mac & cheese balls at Liberty Station Public Market Bite San Diego review of Liberty Station Public Market


The final stop was by far my favorite and one I will definitely be going back to — Solare. They had the perfect ambiance as our group was able to sit in the shade on the patio and they gave us a full tour of the restaurant. In addition, they actually took the time to tell us about their restaurant, the chefs, how they create their entrees and how they select their wines (the list is huge). Plus, the samples were FANTASTIC! It was a small Flat Pasta with Ricotta filling and Tempura Vegetables with Calamari. I am definitely taking my mom there next time she visits.

Bite San Diego review of Liberty Station Public MarketSolare at Liberty Station Public Market

Bite San Diego Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the food tour is a perfect activity or date night for couples or girl friends looking to try a few new spots in San Diego. As expected, some samples were better than others — my personal favorites being Stuffed!, Slaters, and Solare. While their was some discussion about the history of Liberty Station which used to be a Navy training facility, I wish we had a chance to learn more because it truly was fascinating. I think if I were to go on another one, I would try the North Park tour since there is a bit more walking, a few other foodie stops, and I just love that area 🙂

What are your favorite restaurants in Liberty Station? If you could add 1 restaurant to this tour, what would it be?

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  1. I’m not from the San Diego area, so I can’t say that I have a favorite restaurant there — BUT all of the food you tried looks super yummy! Especially the Fried Mac & Cheese Ball. 🙂 I tried one of those for the first time at Gameworks this past weekend, and it was delicious. Luckily, I only ate one!

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