Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member? These stocking stuffers are all under $25 and great for any fitness enthusiast like myself (hint to mom & dad if you’re reading this!).

Holiday Stocking Stuffers for a Fitness Enthusiast Under $25

1. Champion Women’s Run Zip Hoodie $25

2. Procompression Socks $24.99

3. Infuser Water Bottle $9.99

4. Saucony Touch-Tek Gloves $20

5. Body Glide $7.99

6. Foam Roller $24.95

7. Yoga Slings $9.98

8. Mixed Mesh Hat $24

9. Sweaty Bands $15

What fitness accessories are you hoping for this holiday season?

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    • I have the Rove infuser and I’ve used it with lemons, berries and mint. It seems to work really well but since the infuser part is on the top it doesn’t infuse the water as well when you are more than halfway done with the bottle. I think this is typical of most infusers though. I would recommend infusing it for a bit before drinking so that the water has time to absorb the flavors of the fruit.

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