Tuck. Tone. Tighten. These three words are the essence of barre class. You keep your abs tucked in, you tone tiny muscles that you never even knew existed, and your body tightens (hopefully 😉 ).


This past week I had the opportunity to take a few classes at Studio Barre in Birdrock. I absolutely LOVE this studio so I was excited to go back! This time I even got to interview the amazing woman who started this nationwide franchise, Shannon Higgins!

I made my roommate take a class with me since she had never been. The instructor Lindsey welcomed us while we set up our mats, weights, ball and band. I was shocked to find out she remembered me from an 8AM Saturday class I took with her by myself! At that moment, I remembered what I love most about this studio, the instructors.

Review of Studio Barre in Birdrock La Jolla

The class kicked off with a warm-up doing small cardio blast movements using the weights. If you are new to barre, I highly recommend using smaller weights (you’ll thank me later).


We transitioned to the barre for legs and glutes doing a series of squats, leg lifts, and calf raises. (I’m hurting just thinking about it)


I knew when the ball came into play, I would be in trouble. My glutes were burning, my legs were shaking, and my abs were tensing every time Lindsey said “TUCK TUCK TUCK!” (In my head I kept saying F*** F*** F***…).

When the class ended, I turned to my roommate and asked what she thought. With a somewhat shocked, painful, grin on her face she said:

That was the hardest workout I’ve ever done! But I want to do it again.

We left the class with our legs shaking and immediately went to get an Acai Bowl from Seaside Smoothie. We built up an appetite after all 🙂

Deluxe Acai Bowl from Seaside Smoothie in Bird Rock San Diego

Thank you again Lindsey for the awesome workout. We’ll be back this weekend!

Interested in trying a class? Find one here!

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