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Weekly Workouts 1200x800

Weekly Workouts

The countdown to the San Diego Half Marathon continues with only 5 weeks to go! My speed workouts are going strong and I now find myself running the 3.5 easy miles at a 9 minute pace — I’ve come a long way in such a short time thanks to the help of Margaret from Young […] Read more…

Brown Sugar Banana Bread Muffin Recipe with Shaved Coconut Topping

Brown Sugar Banana Muffin Recipe

Bananas may be my all time favorite fruit. There I said it. I love bananas in my oatmeal, with peanut butter, on toast, in my smoothies, and even in various pastries like banana cake, banana bread, banana cookies, you name it. My roommate loves when I make Chocolate Chip Banana Bread but this time I […] Read more…

Swami's Cafe

Swami’s Cafe

Swami’s Cafe is one of my go-to breakfast cafe’s in San Diego. I first went to their Encinitas location while training for the Chicago marathon and fell in love with their ginormous Acai Bowls — seriously, these things are huge! Both times I’ve ordered it, I split it with a friend. It includes Acai blended with […] Read more…

Weekly Workouts including a series of strength training, half marathon training, and cross training.

Weekly Workouts

It’s February and time to kick things into gear! Not only is this my birthday month (yes I get to celebrate all month because I can) but I’m also 6 weeks away from my first half marathon of 2016! Margaret from Young & Rungry has so graciously provided my with a custom schedule for my next […] Read more…

Month in Review - January

Month in Review – January

Last year I started writing updates on my 2016 goals about once a quarter. This was an awesome way to keep me on track and make sure I was achieving what I initially set out to accomplish. This year I’m going to try and do a monthly recap instead highlighting how many miles I’ve run, places […] Read more…

chocolate berry protein shake

Chocolate Berry Protein Shake

This month has been filled with some pretty intense running workouts and long runs. By Sunday, I’ll have run 92 miles in January! Yup, Margaret from Young and Rungry who made my San Diego Half Marathon training plan has seriously been kicking my butt! As many of you know from my previous races, I use Nuun […] Read more…

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